Why is Rotary Delft-Vrijhof supporting the water shop program?

Willem Duker, president of the Rotary Club Delft Vrijhof:

“Rotary Club Delft-Vrijhof has a long tradition in supporting innovative projects in Developing Countries to strengthen local villagers and communities in their wellbeing. For more than 50 years we have been directly involved in doing so.

The watershop program we recently supported is unique in its simplicity: Purifying saline water and making it available as safe clean drinking water for people in province Gujarat, India. People are able to fetch water 24/7 at the watershops. In order to make good for the operational costs, people contribute a locally acceptable price for the clean water.

Being part of the Rotary Community we often try to join hands in setting up projects having the potential to scale up rapidly. The watershops project in GujaratĀ  delivers such a project and we are happy to be informed that a number of other Rotary Clubs around the world have already agreed to join this program in order to generate the scale up.

Together we are strong. Rotary Club Delft-Vrijhof is convinced that in supporting this program a long term and sustainable goal of water solution is promoted. We invite other Rotary Clubs and organizations also to join and help providing clean drinking water for the less fortuned people.”

For more information see watershops.com